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In today’s era, we spend a considerable amount of time in our vehicle. We depend on it for commuting to the workplace, dropping kids to school and picking them up, getting in groceries and so on. Therefore, when you are getting yourself and your house ready to face the harsh winter months, it becomes equally important to get your car geared up to withstand the severe weather. Keeping the car safe to drive is doubly important in cold weather. Driving in winter with minimal visibility due to heavy snow and slippery roads can be a really dangerous task. Here are few things to prepare your vehicle to run efficiently on slippery roads and extreme weather conditions.

Prepare a car emergency kit: Venturing out in such unfavorable conditions always poses the risk of getting stuck somewhere. Being prepared with an emergency kit to use until help reaches you is very important. A few things which you should include are:

· A blanket
· Extra USB cable to charge your mobile if you run out with the battery
· Gloves, heavy and thick coat and snow boots
· Set of spare thermal wear, in case you are stuck for long
· Food and water to keep you energetic like energy bars, dry fruits etc.
· A battery-operated flashlight in case there is no proper lighting in the area
· A towing rope
· Small camping snow shovel and floor mats, in case you want to attempt to remove some snow and pave a way.
· First aid kit with necessary medication

Check the car battery: AAA battery usually have a life of five years. In case your car is older than that, it is advisable to get it replaced. Remember to check whether the battery terminals are free from corrosion. It is desirable to have servicing done for the vehicle before the commencement of winter season. Fill up all liquid levels like the fuel, coolant level, screen wash during the service.

Pump up your tires and if possible get winter tires: Driving on slippery roads requires tires with a very tight grip, therefore check for tread depth. For winter conditions a minimum of 3mm tread on your wheels is good enough. Winter tires are made of rubber compounds which are pliable in winters, thus enhancing traction. Winter tires have the stronger grip, and shorter stopping distance on snowy roads. They are, therefore, more efficient in controlling the vehicle as a whole. Look for any visible cracks or tears in your tires and get them repaired.

Check the wiper blades: Since the visibility is very low in heavy snow, make sure that the wipers of your car are operating correctly. Use a deicer to remove the frozen snow from them and in case there are any cracks, it’s advisable to get them replaced.

Clean the lights and window: Indicator, back lights, front lights and fog lights should be clean and operational so that the other cars can see you on the road and you can see the road ahead as well.

Keep your car inside a garage to protect it from freezing in outside sharp temperature drops. In case garage is not possible, keep your car covered with a vehicle cover.

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